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Europe May 16- June 2

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Destination Map
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 Florence

Day 2 Florence
Em and I took the fast train to Florence. This consisted of us laughing at the guy across from us whose neck was just about snapping in half as he dozed on the train and Em reading all the travel info for Florence. Speaking from her prior experience, she was focused on where the pick-pocketers were found. After we got there we tried to check into our hostel which was near the duomo. We found out that the booking we thought we had, nvere went through and we now didnt have a place to stay for the night. We asked for a recommendation and ran into another guy at the hostel in the same situation. The 3 of us practically ran through Florence while we dodged vespas, taxis, and buses. Emily and I made it there in one piece and booked our beds for our stay. We immediately headed to the Accademia for our reservation. This is where the Michaelangelo David is housed. I never in a million years could have imagined the marble sculpture would have been so big. It was really neat to learn about the story behind the pose Michaelangelo chose for David, focusing on making David so masculine. After that we headed back to the hostel to clean up and then explore the city for the night. Emily used her prior experience in the city and recommended that we head to a specific spot for the sunset. She said it was one of her favorite views in Europe and told me the walk would be worth it. For someone who enjoys sunset pictures like me, this was perfect. We could see the whole city, the river and the sun setting over it. She pointed out the duomo and other iconic symbold of the skyline and insisted on asking 4 different people to take our picture. The long walk and climb up the hill was definitely worth it. This spot became one of my new favorite view in Europe as well. We walked through the plaza where the Ufiizzi is located and found a hole in the wall restaurant on a side street. Regardless of how it appeared, the food was absolutely amazing! On our way home we stopped for gelato, of course. We lost all self control and got enormous helpings. Got back to the hostel and crashed so we would be ready for the next full day.

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