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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 5: Cinque Terre

Day 5: Cinque Terre

This was a great morning because Emily finally let me sleep in past 8 oclock, in fact she woke me up at 9 which was a pleasant surprise. We got ready for the day by getting on our bathing suits and grabbing the towels. We stopped into a small cafe down the road from our hotel/appartment. I think this trip has introduced me to a great new diet: cappaciono, gelato, and bread. So after our morning cup of cappacino we went down into our town of Riomaggiore and went into the dive shop to try and rent kayaks, which had been something I was looking forward to doing this entire trip. We were werent allowed to kayak that day because of the current, supposedly. So we just deicded to go and find a great "chill" rock and lay in the sun. After about an hour of relaxation, I was strongly encouraged by Emily that I should get in, like she did the previous day. So after about 5 minutes of procrastination I finally submerged myself in the chilly, but refreshing water. We swam around and the water was so clear and the rocks on the bottom looked like they could have tons of unique fish swimming around them. I came up with the fantastic idea to go rent snorkels at the dive shop. We were sucessful this time so Emily and I snorkled for about 2 hours and it was absolutely amazing. We saw sea urcchins, lots of fish, and some coral. I kept trying to realize how cool of an experience this was to be snorkeling in Riomaggiore, Italy. That may be a once in a life time experience for me. This was for sure one of my favorite things Em and I had done together this trip. After we got out we returned the snorkels and tried to make the most of our last bit of time before our travel portion of the day to Zermatt. We found a placed to grab a bite to eat where I had one of the best meals of my life (Lobster linquini) and then headed back to our place to pack up our stuff and then left for the train station.

I think Emily could agree that it was a bittersweet moment to finally wrap up and end our time in Italy. I think Italy exceeded my expectations because of the beauty of the beaches and all the things Florence had to offer. Im going to definetly keep Italy on my list of countries to go back to.
When Em asked me how to sum up Italy the first word that came to mind was gelato, hoever she vetoed that answer. The real answer was cutlure. I loved getting to see how people live in so many different areas of the country.


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