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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Ahhh Venice! One of my favorite cities in the world! There is something almost magical about the traditional Italian architecture, the canals and the people. I arrived at the Airport and took a watertaxi to the actual island of Venice. I met up with Tyler and Abby in St. Mark's Square which was packed with tourists. I was exhasuted bc I was not able to really sleep on the plane (shocking I know since i can sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat) bc the two older men who were on either side of me were trying to get drunk. They were traveling together and neither one wanted to sit in the middle so i was the lucky winner! We sat and had a coffee and then hopped on a "vaporetto"(basically a water bus) that took us to our hostel which was across the canal. Our hostel had a great view of St. mark's square across the way. It was quiet and gave us some breathing room from all the tourists on the main area. We went to the island of Murano in Venice which is where they have all the Venetian glass. We then wandered through a garden and found our way to an area further away from the tourist center and we able to enjoy some Italian food and wine. After dinner,we were determined to find a specific gelato place and went trekking through the city to locate it. It was fun to see all the ins and out of the city and the AMAZING organic gelato made it worth it. It was now about midnight and I was pretty much holding my eyes open so we headed back to the hostel.

The next day, Abby left and Tyler and I went back to St. Mark's square to shop around a bit before heading to the airport. We assumed there was only one airport in Vencie,but we were wrong and we were at the wrong one. We took a taxi to the other airport and were on our way to Barcelona!

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